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We call it "blogging," but that somehow seems wrong...

Last month, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) declared HTML5 is officially "feature complete."  I decided it was finally time to make the switch from HTML4.01.  While reading about all the new tags, I was excited about some tags and confused about the usefulness of others (like repurposing the previously deprecated <u> for "misspelt words").  I quickly dove in to compat Using details and summary tags in Firefox and Internet Explorer To counter the tone of my recent postings about hardship, I would like to rant and ramble lightheartedly to ridiculously about how we express time. This past weekend the USA ended it's annual observance of Daylight Saving Time, apparently one week after most of the observant northern hemisphere. Many rumors run rampant in our intellectual garden about why we ever started this time of shifting day While We're Ending Daylight Saving Time... In my home I have some simple paper blinds.  In order to "open" them I have to tediously fold the paper back and forth a few dozen times.  I imagine this used to be easier when they were fresh and un-crinkled, but they aren't new anymore.  Because they are so inconvenient to open, we usually don't.  We have been talking about replacing them with something equipped with a draw-s Hack Tedious Paper Blinds Into Draw-String Blinds Recently, while preparing a lasagna dinner for some friends, I thought of a new way to build it which would prevent the hard, crusty, edges that plague so many otherwise great lasagnas. The problem is, in the time it takes the innermost depths of deliciousness to thoroughly bake into ooey-gooey-goodness, the outermost edges (and especially the corners) of most lasagnas will completely dry out. T Crust-less Lasagna Previously, when HTML coders wanted to cause a link to open in a new window, they used the target parameter in their anchor tags, specifically <a target="_blank" ...>. This, of course, is deprecated (invalid) in the current standards (HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML 1.0 Strict). While the target parameter apparently will return in HTML5 we are nonetheless left with the current dilemma of how to r Why You Should Not Use `rel= There has been a lot of chatter lately about using exercise balls as chairs. There are many who tout supposed benefits of sitting on the large inflatables all day, instead of a contemporary office chair. Contrarily, there are some concerned voices letting us know why it could be a bad idea. It's quite the fad of late with balls showing up not just in homes, but business offices. There is even an e Exercise Ball-less Chair I like to take a lot of pictures. Sometimes, when I see a particularly appealing scene, I will take several overlapped pictures with the intent of putting them together into one panoramic image. In the past, I've tried to use Adobe Photoshop CS2 (or other made-for-the-job tools) to assemble my panoramas. My success was... limited: Notice how you can see every seam? More recently, I discovered Stitching Panoramic Images Quite some time ago a co-worker experienced a computer failure. She did not have a backup. She scoured her digital world for any trace of her data. Some of her music was on her iDevice, and while Apple doesn't like to let you copy music off their branded devices, various third parties provide the tools she used to make it happen. Then there was the several hundred photos she had posted on face Downloading The Internet Dehydrators are useful for drying food quickly so that it can be stored longer without spoiling. Foods like beef jerky, banana chips, "fruit-roll-ups" and dried herbs may be familiar examples. A solar dehydrator would, of course, dehydrate your food with solar energy. Two friends of mine have a garden and like to dehydrate some of its produce. They also are interested in being kinder to the envir Building a Solar Dehydrator I was working with an old VB6 app that was integrating with an older legacy system when I encountered this message: I am not sure what Catastrophe I am ignoring here, but I wonder if I'll have as much ease ignoring the Apocalypse. Trying to install a popular remote desktop program proved to be quicker than I expected, screen 1: Unfortunately this express install didn't include options such as S When Programmers Glitch I was working on a userscript last week to facilitate downloading and saving images from a facebook album. I wanted to automate this, rather than have to manually open and save each picture. The Greasemonkey add-on to Firefox seemed like the best way to get this done, and before long I had a bit of JavaScript that could fetch and save a file to my local disk wi Using XMLHttpRequest to Download Binary Data