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  1. HTC is horrible...should have gone with motorala...literally none of the same frustrations...gmail app was right out of the box...facebook synced and stayed logged it...to silence it, I just touch the screen (when it is locked, and yes I have a password). My only heartburn is all the apps stay running all the time, but there is an app killer app that shuts them all down. Plus the navigation on the phone is outstanding...not sure what palm has as far as a gps navigator, but mine has saved my butt.

    Next time you decide to experiment, go with motorala and avoid HTC like the plague it is.
  2. Now I know. I will try Android again, but I will wait at least a few more months while I continue to enjoy the awesomeness that is WebOS.
  3. Hey Mike, thanks... but I think I tried that, it zoomed out and showed me all seven home screens. Is that a difference between manufacturers, or did I do it wrong? I'm sure there were convenience features I was unaware of, it's too bad the setup tool that showed me how to use the phone didn't show me more -- it would have improved my user experience. ;)

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