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About Tyler Uebele

Posted in .../tyler.uebele on 2012-07-06 21:38:18

You are reading the personal website of Tyler Uebele.

I am software developer focusing on PHP/MySQL and related languages and technologies, but dabbling in other languages, such as Python, and a variety of C-like languages.  Having worked with computers since early youth, development seemed like a natural career choice.  Now, with eighteen twenty-two years of experience, and sixteen twenty in the automotive industry, I head development at BetterCarPeople, which helps about 2000 automotive dealership sales and service departments succeed online.

To balance a career in the virtual (in the cloud), I have choosen a hobby in the tangible (in the earth).  I work with ceramics as a way to relax, and to produce things I can see, touch, and use.  I keep pictures of my Pottery on here to show friends, though many of them have a piece or two in their home.


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