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Posted in .../tyler.uebele on 2010-10-03 14:06:54
Tyler Uebele logs the web.
I always thought there was something wrong about Pi (3.14159...).  It seemed clumsy to use.  I was distracted from figuring out why by the apparent simplicity of the constant. The circumference of a circle divided by its diameter just seemed so elegant.  How could a constant so elegant be so cumbersome to use?  Why would it always drag around its crutch of a 2?  Whose brai Happy Half Tau Day! ?Login to see this file. gender binary To anyone who as been following Lytro, I don't have much to add. To my friends who haven't had the pleasure of my bending their ear about this, check this out!  Lytro has released what they're calling a Light Field Camera.  It is a camera unlike anything you've seen.  What it does is capture not just an image, but the entire "field" of the image.  This means directional inform Lytro Light Field Camera ?Login to see this file. recording police If you like music; If you like composed music, Check out Zelda Reorchestrated (aka ZREO) and what they are working on with Twilight Symphony. ZREO's focus has been on re-orchestrating the beautiful and exciting compositions from the Legend of Zelda series of Nintendo games. Yes, games. Maybe you don't play games; maybe you don't notice the music when you do, but the Zelda series of games has so A Twilight Symphony Preview ?Login to see this file. goodaboutmen In spite of contemporary thought about password security, which says that the most secure passwords are those with maximum entropy (or in this context randomness), Steve Gibson of GRC, who provides us with "Perfect" Passwords has now announced his new perspective on password strength: length. He explains, that due to the way would-be-crackers attempt to brute force passwords (in the absense or Size Matters, says GRC ?Login to see this file. MLK quote Japan Proves Truly "A Friend Indeed" After Hurricane Katrina To any of you wondering whether and why we should be helping Japan in the wake of their March 11th 8.9 magnitude earthquake (and resultant Tsunami), the answer is yes and human compassion. To any of you valuing reciprocity over compassion, consider the link below: Japan Proves Truly "A Friend Indeed" After Hurricane Katrina Japan, A Friend Indeed I just saw a fantastic photograph at a baseball game of a fan catching a fly-away bat. While the commentary of the poster at the link below had some good points, I had some other thoughts about it. Look at the faces of all the other people near that bat. So many people when faced with the threat of a rouge bat to the head frown, wince, cower, and even lift a leg. (what's with the leg?) Look at What Would I Do? I enjoy learning. For me, it's not just about knowing stuff; knowledge isn't the only thing we can learn. Wisdom and experience provide their own exciting lessons every day; often the most important. What have you learned about how life works? What have you forgotten? Below is linked a short list the author considers truths that people often forget. While some strike me as subjective, and ot Yet Another Life Lesson Have you ever noticed how security questions on your most critical accounts (f.e. your bank website) seem to require such insecure answers? What's your mother's maiden name? What's your pet's name? On which street did you grow up? These always struck me as questions that could easily be answered by a resourceful person with access to my social circle, or the internet. Why then would I put Insecurity Questions While you probably know about the correlation between confidence and success, did you ever consider a relationship between confidence and trauma? Me neither. It seems, however, that there are subtle behaviors that mark us as potential victims. ... psychologists have long been known that the more psychopathic a person is, the more easily they can identify potential victims. Indeed, they can do s Don't Be a Victim Children of the '80s might fondly remember a time when side scrollers were the peak of video game technology, and Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers was a favorite entry in this genre. This same quarter-aged group might also lament the loss of their original NES, and all the blow-the-dust-out cartridges that were lost with it. Lament no more! Jay Pavlina over at Exploding Rabbit has diligently rec Super Mario Bros. Crossover If you are not covering the keypad when you enter your bank PIN, start. Time was we just had to worry about shoulder-surfers, but these days thieves are evermore resourceful. Watch the video linked below for a potent reminder. Video: Bank Customers Foil ATM Skimmer Protect Your PIN If you are looking for live flute, piano, or cello music in the Charlotte, NC area, I encourage you to hire Christen Stephens. I've had the privilege of hearing her perform several times and have never been disappointed. Whether you are planning a wedding, party, or other event, you can certainly please your guests with live flute music. Live music is ideal for weddings, cocktail hours, and eve Flutist near Charlotte, NC As a generally organized person, my friends were surprised to see my flatware is unsorted, just tossed, mixed up in my drawer. Finally someone has expressed what I intuitively knew: organization has a point of diminishing returns. Messy Organization Messy Organization I saw an advert on tv recently for "World's Best Cat Litter". They weren't just boasting, they actually named it that. Why is it so great? Apparently because it's made from whole kernel corn; kind of like the cat food most brands sell these days. So it would seem that your American tax dollars subsidize so much corn that adding high fructose corn syrup to everything you eat (from bread to baby We Have Too Much Corn


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